About Joy Valerius

IMG_4807Joy Valerius’ interest in poetry began as a young girl in her eighth grade English class where her writing was greatly encouraged. However, a lack of belief in herself kept her from writing for many years. She began writing again when she attended Pima Community College in Arizona, where she was gratefully mentored by Meg Files, one of her writing instructors. She continued her education at the University of Arizona where she earned a bachelor degree in creative writing, with an emphasis on poetry.

As a poet, Joy tends to write mostly free verse, though she often experiments with different forms. Her writing has developed over the years and has gone from quirky, to serious, to often times, light hearted. There is usually an emotional component to her poems. She states, ” I love being a poet because I feel it gives me the opportunity to create magical landscapes with words, much the way a painter does with a brush. ” Joy has been avidly writing poetry for the past 25 years. She has been published in Sandscript Literary Magazine, and regularly attends open mic poetry nights where she reads her poetry. Joy was born a twin in 1959, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She currently lives in Tucson, Arizona where she has lived for the past 30 years with her partner Donna Flenz, now legal spouse of one and a half years, and their five dogs, Zuki, Mabel, Abbott, Costello and Bubba, all of them Poetry Pups.