April 3, 2019

I feel a great sadness, at my lack of maintaining this website. I just keep forgetting about it. When I was actively working on publishing my book of dog poems, I found it easier to focus on my blog. I have been so distracted by my everyday life, and time keeps slipping by.

March 17th, I turned 60 years old. Donna and my friend Baihlah threw me a beautiful surprise party. It was wonderful ! I felt very loved ! In my mind, I’m still about 12 years old. I don’t feel 60. Even with the difficulties that can accompany aging, I feel very blessed with the wisdom and self love that I’m experiencing as I age.

Struggling with writing poetry for the past couple of months. Working on learning to send my poems out to literary magazines, that’s why I haven’t posted any here in awhile. Most magazines only publish unpublished poems. If I post a poem here on my blog, it is considered published.

Fatigue and inability to concentrate continue to plague me. I wish I could get my mind to do what I want it to do. I imagine many people feel this way too. I send my love out to the Universe, Dog love too !

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  1. Hi Joy, Glad for the update and wish you a wonderful 60th year. Sense you might need some Tender Loving Care and am sending healing thoughts your way. I’ve had a rough time lately. My son died toward the end of last year and my life is as you write “in the slow lane.” Best way I’ve found to deal with grief and loss is to acknowledge how I feel, express it in a constructive way, and get support when and if I need it. Please know I care about you and am sending love. Nan

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