Dogs on the Verge of Poetry

dogs-book-coverJoy’s first book, Dogs on the Verge of Poetry, is now available! A great gift for the dog-lover in your life!

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Irreverent, playful, full of spunky rhymes, and slyly profound, this is a book of dog lessons for humans– how to make a tail-thumping life, how to accept the comfort of face-painting tongues. Joy Valerius’s dogs, “unburdened / by the grave” as they are, teach her about human loss and grief and mortality. In poems “as tasty as basted bones,” she translates those lessons for us humans. Her dogs “howl / the poem’s praises to / sleeping dogs.” These are poems to surprise and awaken humans, too.
— Meg Files, author of Write from Life

I cannot imagine another book that so gently and soulfully reminds us of what all dogs, in their unguarded joyfulness, instinctually teach us each day–that the only thing that’s real and true is love.
— Michelle Laforest Gray, author of Little Big Life