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Me Again !

I’m feeling rather sluggish today. A little sad too. My dog Zuki threw up this morning, and is just acting like she isn’t feeling well. Her eyes look sick to me. She is 9 years old, and is starting to show her age. I just can’t stand it when one of my dogs doesn’t feel well. I’ll just watch her and see how she is. I wrote a poem this morning. It always feels good when I write a poem. I struggle with how many poems to post here. I want people to get to know me, and my poetry, …


I look into your eyes,
brown stones with
flecks of fire.
Your sweetness like
stevia, so natural.
You lick my face
the way a Zamboni
sweeps the ice.
I admire your spunky
spirit, as you race
across the backyard.
I laugh at the way
you sit amongst your
stuffed animals,
looking just like
one of them.
You fill me with wonder,
make me wanna dance,
every chance I get.…

Short Note !

Just a short note here, taking a break from writing. Actually, the truth is, I’m taking a break from emailing my web guy Cole, who I have been emailing every minute with my nonsense of not understanding things related to this blog. Ach… I just knew having a blog would be so confusing to me ! I have to admit I’m a bit of a computer illiterate. Don’t know my way around things well at all. But I am learning. I’m afraid to say, maybe at the expense of Cole’s sanity… He’s such a good guy though, I hope I …

Hello Again !

i would like to start this day with a big shout out to my sister Mary. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR MARY ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ! She is the Greatest sister in the world ! I am so blessed to have her in my life ! I would also like to say hey to Muriel Paasch who works with a rescue group called Speaking Up For Those Who Can’t, who last August posted the picture of a little dog that needed rescue on FaceBook. I took one look at his …

I’m Back !

Well, the day is waning and I must state something right up front here, that I forgot to say on my opening blog, and that is, Zuki, Abbot, Costello, & Bubba are all my current Poetry Pups ! They are as much a part of my poetry, as am I the poet. They inspire me, nag me, challenge me every chance they get. They voice their opinion on my imagery and diction, make sure I’m using the right voice. They settle into my poems when necessary, or lay at their entrance,acting protective. All my dogs have been my Poetry Pups, …

Here I Am !

Well, it is about 1:45 pm here in Tucson, Arizona and I am beginning my blog. This world is new to me, so you will have to bear with me. My name is Joy Valerius, also known as hilarious Valerius. Also known by the nickname, Joyva. I am a Poet. Some of you will know me, many of you will not. That is about to change. Through this blog I hope to make many connections, and not only introduce you to my poetry, but have you come by on a regular basis and peruse my poems. Aside from being a …

Fragile Egg

I watch my dog struggle
to get up, and limp
across the room, into
my embrace.
I form a barrier around
her, trying to keep the
years from piling up
on her shaggy coat.
Her glassy eyes betray
my success,
but I hover nearby
I cradle her head
as if it were a
fragile egg, ready
to crack open and
give birth to
baby chicks,
something she would
readily like.…

Family Paradigm

I carried such sorrow
in my knees,
I could hardly walk.
A childhood bereft
of care, so I had
I turned things over
in my mind, and
found things weren’t always
as they seem.
A penny is made of copper
but is change just the same.
I step over dollars to
save dimes.
Listened to my parents distorted
rhymes, about my perceived
impudent crimes.
The family paradigm became my
stomping grounds, where I hung out
with their dysfunctional notions.
Always saw the glass as half empty,
wanting it to be half full;
only to learn it was neither,
It …

In Tucson

the sun is sleeting
while everywhere
else they’re
getting snow.
We are knee deep in
sunshine, as those
in the northeast begin
to whine.
We dine on desert delights,
while people jammed in traffic
elsewhere, enter into fights.
Sun dogs snow down on us
in an orange blizzard,
a welcome ray of light.…