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I Continue On…

Next Tuesday, September 19th, I have my second mastectomy. It feels harder than my first one because it feels so final. I’ll be happy to have this over with so I can concentrate on other things like publishing my next book, and getting back to painting again.

Donna has her surgery to remove her colon cancer ten days after my surgery, September 29th. Hopefully that will be all she needs. I pray for no lymph node involvement so she doesn’t have to go through chemo or radiation.

I’m having so much fun writing my poetry right now. I wrote a …

Cancer, Three Strikes and I Got a Base Hit

I’ve been in a state of shock since I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Another big shock came August 24th when Donna’s doctor called and told her she has colon cancer. Followed by yet another shock, my niece who is only 29 years old, has uterine cancer. What are the chances that one’s spouse gets cancer at the same time as you? And a niece ? I simply can not believe it.

I believe in keeping my thoughts positive, and that’s just what I’m going to do with all three of us. I believe 100% that we are all going …

Hidden Message Poems

I just discovered yesterday this poetry form, where you hide a message within the poem. It has been a lot of fun for me to try my hand at this type of poem. I will post 3 poems that have a hidden message in each poem. Please leave comments if you discover the hidden messages.…

By Golly & Molly

A friend told me to
love my breasts,

and give them a fun

So I named them
By Golly & Molly.

Molly sitting to
the right,

might just have just seen
it’s last light

or night, depending
on how you look at it.

Of course where one goes,
the other is sure to follow.

Another friend felt hers
were giant skin tags,

and said adios

Mine are fun loving

that just want to go
on a picnic. …

Breast Cancer Picked A Fight With The Wrong Chick !

Nineteen days ago I had my first mastectomy. I haven't really had much pain. It's mostly a soreness I feel. Well today for the first time I feel like the soreness is starting to abate. Feeling so sore all the time was beginning to wear on me. I'm not big on recuperating time. I think I should be over this instantaneously. I will have my other mastectomy done September 19th....


Well tomorrow I have a mastectomy of my right breast. Six weeks later I will have my left breast removed.I know everybody says it, but I truly believed I would never get cancer. I find that this whole experience is about loving myself, and transformation. My sister reminded me that I am more than my body. It’s important for me to remember that.

My body is going through changes.My spirit is as well. Letting go is a process. It is also an accomplishment to be celebrated, if you can achieve it.I know I will have many feelings of grief as …


I saw the cancer surgeon on Monday.she went over my treatment options as well as explained in more detail about the type of cancer I have. Genetic testing I had will help me determine which treatment option I choose. I’m leaning towards a double mastectomy, though I go back and forth with myself.

I also go back and forth with whether or not I should have reconstructive surgery. Having cancer, I don’t know whether I want a foreign body like silicone put in my body. I also don’t want to have to go through another surgery in 10 years, which …

Breast Cancer Diagnisis

June 20th, I received a diagnosis of Breast Cancer. It’s unbelievable to me that I don’t have much feeling about it. I don’t know if I’m numb, or just so use to adversity. It is the earliest stage of breast cancer, which has a good prognosis. I’m waiting for my referrals to go through to see a surgeon and oncologist. The waiting is really hard. I’m scared about the copays I will have to pay for my treatment. My copay for the biopsy was $260.00 which is about one fourth of my income.
The financial burdens weigh the heaviest on …