Category: Poetry

Let There Be Darkness

In the beginning
God said,

“Let there be Darkness,”
and Trump was born.

He watched as the Dark
began to inherit the earth.

He pounded his fist
in Trump tantrum style,

and bellowed
“What have I done

creating this crazy

They crossed the line
went straight to hell.

The bell knelled
for the rest of us,

things had to change.

We knew if we waited
just a bit longer,

the flames would consume
Trump and his gang,

Trying to be God
incinerated his being,

hopefully his rule will
soon be over.…

I Named my Wound Vac Betsy

Betsy is my bestie right now,
she is always
at my side.

She grooms my wound
keeps me attuned to,
any changes taking place.

She stimulates my healing,
sucking debris from
my chest.

She is the kind of friend
that comes around in
a person’s time of need.

Soon the need will be gone,
and she will be moving on,
though her time was well spent.

I am grateful for her support
and all she did to help,
she is free now to go help someone else.…

Chest Wound

My heart is

in a wounded

Rotting flesh
with a stench

so strong,

it scares away
dead fish.

The skin is

necrotized to

New cells grow
like an embryo

waiting to be

My heart is now

by fresh flesh.…

She Just Wants her Cancer Gone

so she loads it up
on a dog sled,

and sends it off into
the Alaskan Wilderness.

She wants it buried deep
beneath the tundra,

but is afraid of hurting
Mother Earth.

She then sends it to
outer space

where it can explode
like a nebula.

Fine particles of

in a mickle Universe…

Cancer’s Blade

Cancer’s all around.
It nicks me, my wife

and my niece
with its blade

in one fell

We dull its blade
with our thoughts,
positive as ions.

We’re sure to find
out, what we are
made of.

We plan on living
through this acrid rain

as we regain
our sense of



Let’s bury our stones,
Educate the land so
Our kids will know compassion
Children will learn if you let them.
To be one with the earth
Have a crystal heart.
Compassion grows in its rainbow prism.…

Live and Let Live

We need to live and let live.
The choice is always ours.
Disabled by indifference we
Achieve a state of ungrace, but
Miracles do happen
Every time we have faith.
Day by day we get by and celebrate…

Playing Spades

Dump your fail cards right away.
Trump is spades instead of diamonds.
Before you play your hand
It is prudent to use the right vernacular.
Is it too much to ask you to be quiet?
Too little,too

The Tomboys

I once had two breasts
named By Golly and Molly.

They came to a rest
on a surgeons table.

Parting ways
wasn’t easy,

I now look like
an adolescent.

Flat as the line
that pronounces

you dead,

I had to rename them
Tomboys instead.…


Tissue, not the kind
you blow your nose in,

but the kind that hangs
from your chest,

like two fully inflated

I question what your
worth is to me.

A gold coin?
Two hens in a basket?
A poem written in Hebrew?

Or should I just show you
the door? …