I Continue On…

Next Tuesday, September 19th, I have my second mastectomy. It feels harder than my first one because it feels so final. I’ll be happy to have this over with so I can concentrate on other things like publishing my next book, and getting back to painting again.

Donna has her surgery to remove her colon cancer ten days after my surgery, September 29th. Hopefully that will be all she needs. I pray for no lymph node involvement so she doesn’t have to go through chemo or radiation.

I’m having so much fun writing my poetry right now. I wrote a poem the other day that I really like. It still needs work, but it is filled with possibilities. It’s been awhile since I felt excited about one of my poems. It feels really good. I would like to find people who could mentor me, someone to bounce my poems off of, and get feedback on. I started going to this poetry group where we workshop our poems, which I really like. Yet I feel it isn’t enough. I need more feedback on my poems. I’m a prolific writer but I want to hear other people’s input on how my poem is working, and where it is not. Nap time.