I’m Back !

I truly don’t know how almost 4 months have passed since writing on my blog.I guess I had a lot of things going on. I’m May I had surgery to remove my ovaries and Fallopian Tubes.I’m at a higher risk for getting ovarian cancer due to family history of cancer. I also started on a new drug for my MS, and had to adjust to its side effects, while dealing with some bad side effects of yet another medication. It was causing severe depression, so I went off of it. It was a hormone blocker that my oncologist wanted me to take, to reduce my chances of a reocurrance of cancer. I see my oncologist in Sept, and will decide if I will go on a different medication. I’ve also had multiple flare ups of MS symptoms.

I have also been struggling with writing my poetry. I just feel unhappy with what I’m writing. I’ve been writing some pretty bad poetry. I hope it will lead me to the good stuff. I’m keeping at it though, everyday I write.I’m also compiling poems for the next book of poetry I want to publish. It feels like a daunting task right now. I’m excited about it, and know I will do things a little different this time around.

Time to rest my weary bones. To all, a good night.