Life in the slow lane

You think that if something is important to you, you would remember to do it. That however, is not the case with me. When I started this blog I felt real gung ho. I was enthusiastic and committed. It was such an important part of where I was at, at that time. The importance of this blog has not changed for me.What has changed is life. These past two years in particular I have been dealing with various health issues.Breast Cancer, MS, Fibromyalgia, and most recently Benign Proxysimal Positional Vertigo.(BPPV) I’m dizzy all the time. I see a physical therapist on Dec.3 where I will be taught a technique that should get rid of my dizziness, hopefully for good. But if it should come back I will know what to do, to turn it around, pun intended…

With these health issues I often find it difficult to concentrate. I have many cognitive difficulties as a result of the MS, and stress. I have a hard time focusing. I have a hard time remembering things, recalling words. I can be writing a poem and by the time I have written down the first part of my line, I can’t remember the rest of the line I was going to write. It makes for some very incomplete poems. It’s hard for me to focus right now, as I write this. My life has been taken over by life, hence my absence from this blog.

It is time for me to try to return to my poetry and this blog. I am working on putting my second collection of poetry together to be published. I’m going to be doing more T-shirt sales, with my poems on them, so be on the look out for them in the hopefully near future.

I sometimes feel like I am the only one that reads my blog, as if it is a blog of one. I hope to change that soon, and work harder at reaching more people.If anyone reads this, I hope you “Like” it and leave a comment.Thanks ! Here’s to more poetry !