An All Too Real Halloween Costume

On September 19, 2017, I had a mastectomy of my left breast. Shortly after that I developed something called eschar on my incision site. It is basically an unhealthy scab. The skin necrotized forming a scab. They had to remove the eschar so the tissue underneath it could grow. I was left with a big open chest wound, the scariest Halloween Costume I have ever worn.

I was originally told the wound could take up to a year to heal, but that if I used a wound vac it could cut that time in half. I am currently hooked up to a wound vac that suctions off fluid and debris from the wound. It also helps stimulate new tissue growth, speeding up the healing time. I wear this machine 24/7.

I have a poetry reading on November 12,2017 and hope I won’t feel too embarrassed carrying around this little machine with a hose dangling from my chest, down my side.It is such a reminder of what I have lost.
The doctors can’t say for sure why this happened. They said it could be from poor nutrition, but my nutrition has been really good. I even increased my protein to 100 grams a day like they suggested.My diet has only gotten better since my first mastectomy, so why didn’t this happen with my first mastectomy? They also said it could be due to my Diabetes or MS, yet that has remained the same for both mastectomies. I just hope this heals sooner rather than later. I accept all good thoughts and prayers for healing.