Yikes !

It’s March 6,2018 and I haven’t posted for months. Since my last post my chest wound has healed completely. I guess I got so busy living my life that I forgot about writing on my blog.

I really believed 2018 was going to be a better year, but the way this year has started out, it doesn’t appear so. Donna and I have just gotten over the flu. We were sick for 3 weeks. Then Friday I broke off my front teeth and my cap. I am not a happy camper. Implants were recommended. I will be spending the week doing research on my options, and looking for funding to help pay for it. It feels so overwhelming.

On March 14, my dog Mabel will have surgery for a cherry eye. I pray the surgery will be successful. My other dogs are doing pretty good.

I continue to write my poetry, though I’m not real happy with what I’ve been writing. It feels like a struggle to me right now. I could not write when I was sick, and am slow to get back to it. I’ve been writing a lot of junk poems. Still waiting to get to the gems.

I hope to write on my blog more frequently again, but for now, good night !